The Collective Light Community
The Collective Light Community

Welcome to The Collective Light Community

Supporting humanity and ourselves with our light and prayers.

About The Collective Light:

The Collective Light Community exists to support people on their spiritual path and to help humanity as best we can through our light and prayers.

We host virtual gatherings & in-person experiences that are SOUL-exciting (ecstatic dance, prayer circles, guided-meditation, moon intentions & ceremonies, etc.) and share content that supports our personal development and spiritual growth. 

Our prayers are non-denominational and the guided meditation themes are universal. 

Within every prayer lies hope, guidance, and an intention to act. 

The Collective Light sees praying for all beings as a purposeful step towards change.

When we pray & meditate together and share our experience, we amplify the power of our prayers, learn from one another, and beam our Light brighter every day. 


Benefits of Joining the Collective Light Community:

The Collective Light doesn't affiliate with any religion. We believe that by simply honoring and honing our own spiritual path, we deepen our connection to God, ourselves, and humanity. 

Benefits of joining the community include:

• Be part of a beautiful community who, just like you, want to connect with God, become more self-aware, and live a meaningful life.

• Participate in virtual prayer circles to heal, transform, connect, and uplift yourself and humanity.

•  Have access to members-only gatherings and events to experience the invigorating power of togetherness (and have a fun time!)

• Find curated content to deepen your spiritual practice and evolve at your own pace.

• Be in a safe space to share your spiritual thoughts and experiences with like-minded people.


Why Join The Collective Light?

Through our faith, intention, and focus, we tap into our inner wisdom to seek answers and have our own experience with God. In this grounded space, we are present and have the Divine awareness to accept and surrender to what is.

Praying is not passive, as some would assume. To pray is a proactive choice to surrender; it is to become present with your life struggles and to ask for guidance.

Please reflect on these questions and find out if this community is what you’ve been searching for:

• Do I want to feel more connected to God?

• Do I want to have more support on my spiritual journey?

• Do I want to live more purposely? 

• Am I willing to relate with others who are also in a journey of self-discovery and want to live a more meaningful life?

• Am I looking for a safe space to have authentic interactions?

• Do I want to share my knowledge and gifts with others to support them in their journey?

• Am I open to the idea of praying? Or want to re-introduce prayers as a regular practice?

• If I already pray, am I interested in being part of a virtual circle that prays together so I can experience the power of group prayer? 

• Am I interested in making the world a better place through my spiritual practice by praying for others and through my actions?

• Am I curious about tapping into my Divine power so I can feel guided and receive inspired ideas?

• Am I interested in learning mindful practices that can help me heal and transform my life?

If these ideas resonate with you and you find yourself saying YES to at least one of these questions, then perhaps you were guided to this community!  


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